functional theory english language

functional theory english language

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Functional theory english language
Christopher Butler notes that “there is a strong consensus among functionalists that the linguistic system is not self-contained, and so autonomous from external factors, but is shaped by them” (The Dynamics of Language Use, 2005).
In linguistics, functionalism can refer to any one of various approaches to the study of grammatical descriptions and processes that consider the purposes to which language is put and the contexts in which language occurs. Also called functional linguistics. Contrast with Chomskyan linguistics.

There is a constant tension in the field of speech-language pathology between researchers who are wedded to the use of carefully controlled and designed conditions for the study of language and clinicians who need to know how to remediate language disorders in the much more messy real world. The problems created by this tension have been the topic of many discussions, including a recent ASHA Report (Shewan, 1990). Yet, over the past 20 years, a number of approaches to the study of language and language disorders have been developed that provide a better framework for clinician-researcher communication. One of these is Functionalism, an approach to the study of language which Carol Prutting pioneered. Her application of pragmatics to the study of language assessment and intervention was an important step toward bridging the gap between theoretical approaches and clinical applications. This chapter represents our attempt to continue the bridge building that Carol exemplified in her productive career by describing a recent functionalist model and suggesting how insights derived from the model may be applied to real-world clinical situations.
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Research output : Contribution to Journal › Article › Academic › peer-review
Research output : Contribution to Journal › Article › Academic › peer-review

Continuing discourse on language: a functional perspective. ed. / Ruqaiya Hasan; Christian Matthiessen; Jonathan J Webster. London : Equinox Publishing, 2007. p. 505-561.
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