principles of language learning and teaching

principles of language learning and teaching

By H. Douglas Brown
Principles of Language Learning and Teaching offers new ways of viewing and teaching second language acquisition (SLA) — explaining its pedagogical relevance in reader-friendly prose and offering a detailed overview of the viewpoints that have shaped contemporary language teaching.

The study of principles of language learning and teaching is booming, which has thrown light on teachers’ teaching methods and second language learning. The paper at first reviews the principles of teaching proposed by Brown, such as cognitive principles, affective principles and linguistic principles. Given those principles of language teaching and learning, any one cannot be isolated from others absolutely. Instead, they should be combined together in an appropriate way. Based on these principles of teaching, suggestions on how to improve second language leaning/acquisition are listed in the following part. With time flying, many aspects of language learning and teaching have been changed. Therefore, for teachers, they should study these principles and attempt to apply these principles to their teaching practice selectively according to their realistic needs.
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Principles of language learning and teaching
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