Who I am

Hello, there, so pleased to have you visiting my blog. My name is Jane Tilsner, a psychology major and a part-time chef.  I am a hitchhiker, for those who do not know what hitchhiking is I am going to explain. Hitchhiking is traveling by asking for lifts.  The adventures are not as easy as it sounds, it is an art that requires skills and patience. Picture yourself in a new city or country and yet asking for lifts from strangers. That is how I afford to travel around the world on a budget. Hitchhiking is fun too, and I have got lots of stories to share about my experiences.

Jane Tilsner is born and raised in the Netherlands, my passport is automatically from there, but you will rarely find me in the country. Usually, you will see me in a faraway land on the roadside, with my thumb up trying to flag down a passing vehicle. At other times you find me dozing off the bench in the corner café or pitching my tent in an illegal place. I love the adventure, and that is why I do what I do. Discomfort is my comfort, can’t remember the last time I retired home for a hot bath, good food, and a warm bed.

What inspired me to travel?

Freedom to be whoever I want whenever I want, with no friends and family dictating how I should live my life.  The freedom to be where I want despite not having enough money. Not planning what I will do next week, but living and budgeting for today. The best part of my journey is meeting new friends and creating beautiful memories from adventures.

When I am not hitching rides, or sleeping on the table at the petrol station, I offer emotional support to distressed persons. I have a real passion for helping others understand the challenges of this life and how to overcome life’s hurdles. It is for the same reason I travel, to discover exotic places and write captivating stories that will entice you to visit the destinations.


My life is simple, at home I spend most of my time in the kitchen tweaking recipes, reading a great book or hanging out with my friends drinking decaf tea. Life is simple, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Join me at the Happiness station and enjoy the ride.