Why I’m here

“Happiness is the true meaning and purpose for life; it is the core and end of human existence”- Aristotle. This space is for deep thinkers, seeking mental and emotional freedom. I share stories every week that provide insight to help you calm your mind, listen to your inner voice and increase your self-esteem and self-love. I do not give a quick-fix to your problems; I aim to address the root to your issues.


If you had unlimited time in the world, and money was not an issue, what would you make of your time? I chose to travel, taking the path less traveled. To travel for pleasure, to quench my thirst for adventure, to marvel at the beauty of God’s creation, to have fun, to live life to the fullest.

I spend most of my days on the road, not because I am in pursuit of happiness or love but to make use of the limited time on this earth. Experiencing new climates, feeding my soul with joy and peace. Making new memories and taking a rusty picture. I spend my days volunteering abroad, enjoying the cultural diversity, taking adventures with the local community and enjoying the views.

On my website, I am writing about my solo travels, which involves free camping in somewhere probably illegal, surfing, or diving. I hitchhike everywhere, I regularly make new friends, and my life is fun, but it gets tough and hectic. The blog includes stories that genuinely express my pain, frustration, and happiness.

Positivity is a mindset

A common misconception is that happiness equals positivity. Sadly, you cannot guarantee satisfaction, and focusing on achieving happiness may lead to a series of disappointments. Happiness is more of a mood, and it is fleeting, and we are not in control of our feelings. However, being optimistic in all situations is a choice, a belief that better things will come and getting to enjoy the present moment.

I get to travel and plan for today. I love the discomfort of my life for I draw my strength and joy from the struggles. It is through meeting diverse personalities while on my journey that you get to broaden your understanding about life. There are persons with little to call their own but are genuinely at peace with their situation. Others have much then they need, and yet they are always in pursuit of happiness. Not being at peace with yourself and life must be the saddest thing on earth.

Through my travel diary, I share stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. I live with the local community, learn their traditions and face their frustrations, you will not find me in luxurious hotels. I write of breathtaking destinations; I talk about what the place made me feel and share my experience with the readers. I am not keen on increasing my followers or for fame. The pictures I take are rusty and real time. Nothing is sugar-coated, I want you to connect with my experiences.

I hope to give you wish where there was hopelessness, to inspire you to make a difference through your small initiatives, to invite you to a community full of love.

In the blog, I write about the way hitchhiking works. Is it same as budget traveling? What are the challenges? Am I not afraid as a woman to hitch rides from strangers? Is there a day I was incapable of hitching a ride, what did I do?

Welcome to my blog, pour a glass of wine grab a blanket and start reading the incredible adventures. Watch out for new posts and feel free to comment, share or ask questions.